Roller, Jordan – “Tribute to Margaret & Toni” Water Jar (2014)

6.25"w x 8.25"h

$ 1,700.00

This is a striking jar by Jordan Roller.  The shape is one of his creative forms which are water jar inspired.  The jar has a short rim, then a rounded neck, and a round body. The jar is a tribute to Margaret Tafoya (his great-grandmother) and Toni Roller (his grandmother). The feather design around the neck is reflective of the style of feathers carved by Toni. There are 24 feathers encircling the jar. They are elongated and notice the “dip” at the end of each feather. That is the style created by Toni. The avanyu on the jar is his tribute to Margaret Tafoya.  It was this type of avanyu that Margaret would carve into her pottery.  It is a bold design with lighting and rain clouds.  The surface of the entire jar is fully polished and it is fired a deep black.  It is signed on the bottom, “Jordan Roller”.  It is from 2014 and it is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.