Santiago, Roseta – “Heartline” Oil on Canvas (24 x 24)

24" x 24" unframed 26" x 26" framed

$ 5,500.00

Roseta Santiago is known for her dynamic realistic paintings. This painting is entitled, “Heartline“.  It is an oil on canvas and signed, “Santiago”.  Roseta said of this painting:

“Where does reality and imagination divide? You “see” a perfect pot from my imagination and a deer, will you follow my imagination and allow the deer to wander? It is only paint and a brush telling you what you see. Believe in your imagination.” -Roseta Santiago

History reverberates in each of her paintings.  Roseta Says of her current paintings:

“I’m telling stories about why I paint and what I paint.  It’s always about the human condition, and our emotion and intelligence.  The messages are important, lyrical, and provocative.  When I paint, it’s more than just a pretty picture. “  Roseta Santiago, Western Art Collector, 2022

She is best known for her luminous still life and figurative paintings of Native peoples and artifacts portrayed with dramatic lighting, Santiago is a master at chiaroscuro.  She uses mostly living models, although a few historic people taken from photographs weave their way into her art.  She says one of her goals is to honor Native American culture through her portrayals in her art. 

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