Silas, Bobby – Zuni Water Jar with Swirling Rain Birds

11"w x 8.5"h

$ 875.00

Bobby Silas is a creative potter reviving ancient designs for his contemporary pottery. He had originally learned to make pottery in 2004-5 when he attended Zuni High School.  While he is Hopi-Tewa, he is again living in Zuni and has made a series of pieces inspired by classic Zuni shapes and designs.  This jar has a classic form with a high shoulder, short neck, and slightly turned out rim.  The neck of the jar has two rainbirds with tightly painted hatchwork lines.  They are separated by larger prayer feathers.  Around the body of the jar, there are larger rainbird swirls that extend up from the base and have tightly painted hatchwork clouds around each bird.  There is just the smallest accent of red clay slip on the design.  The jar has a strong balance of both historic Zuni form and design with Bobby’s own stylistic deer and detailed painting.  It’s great to see him reviving these designs with such strength, delving into the past for inspiration.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “Silas”.