Tafoya, Camilio – Tall Seedpot with Mimbres Bees, Quail, and Cranes (1981)

2"w x 2.25"h

$ 775.00

This larger seedpot by Camilio Tafoya is from 1981. It is fully polished and fully designed.  It has two Mimbres cranes and a Mimbres bee on one side.  The opposite side has two Mimbres quail and two Mimbres bees.  They are detailed and colorful. Separating them is a plant design that extends from the base to the top of the piece.  The designs were etched before it was fired.  The background tan area has been stone polished and textured.  The piece is highlighted with green and white clay slips in contrast to the highly polished red. It is among his best style of detail and design. The colors are all added from various clay slips.  Camilio was living with Joseph Lonewolf, his son, at the time he made this.  Joseph would give him the clay slips to use for the colors.  The piece is signed on the bottom “Camilio Sunflower Tafoya”. It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.