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Camilio Tafoya

Camilio “Sunflower” Tafoya (1902-1995) was a son of noted potter Sara Fina Tafoya and Geronimo Tafoya.  He was a brother of Margaret Tafoya and Christina Naranjo.  Two of his children, Grace Medicine Flower and Joseph Lonewolf became renowned potters each working with wonderful scraffito Native designs.  Camilio was married to Agapita Tafoya and made carved pottery in the 1950’s and 60’s, he worked with both Grace and Joseph on many of his works.  In the 1970’s he began to create miniatures pottery first in collaboration with Grace and then later on his own.  His pottery combined stories of the pueblo along with creative and antidotal Pueblo life images and animals scenes.  His pottery can be found in many collections and is displayed at multiple museums worldwide.