Tafoya, Camilio – “Turkey Girl” Bronze, 8/16 (1979)

6"long x 2.75"w x 2.5"h

$ 1,200.00

This is one of several different bronzes created by Camilio Tafoya.  The piece is entitled, “Turkey Girl” and it has amazing detail in each of the figures.  There is a Pueblo woman grinding corn and in front of her is another Pueblo woman and a male and female turkey. Take a close look at any of the figures and the detail is exceptional! There is a similar stylistic feel as with his pottery.  For the story of the Turkey Girl, I have used the story written by Juan de la Cruz for one of his pieces of pottery.

“Turkey Girl’s tattered and worn raiment was taken and transformed into beautiful garments: a dazzling necklace and intricately woven mantle were draped upon her arms.  The turkeys that she tended to presented these gifts: for they knew her heart’s desire was to participate in the festivities being held in the neighboring village. In exchange for this and the kindness she always bore towards them, they were given freedom and traversed into the narrow mountain pass where they reside to this day”.  Juan de la Cruz

This bronze is an edition of 16 and this is number 8.  It was made in 1979 and signed on the top side.  Take a closer look at the signature and the is also the JL for Joseph Lonewolf.  It is in excellent condition.   It sits on a wood base, but it is not attached.