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Tafoya, Shawn – Tile with Hunter and Dog (1988)


Tafoya, Shawn – Tile with Hunter and Dog (1988)

10.5" diameter
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Shawn Tafoya is a son of Lucy YearFlower Tafoya, a grandson of Camilio Tafoya and a great-grandson of SaraFina Tafoya.  He began making art at the age of five. Although Shawn is a traditionalist in terms of material and technique, his pottery and Pueblo embroidery work is strikingly innovative, and he is well known for it. He has won numerous awards for his work, and has participated in many shows and exhibitions. Interestingly, Shawn is also one of the most gifted Pueblo textile embroiderers working today and teaches this traditional art throughout the northern villages. His pottery is often a unique balance of traditional and contemporary.  This round tile is inspired by the ancient Mimbres pottery of the 1100’s.  Here, he has painted a hunter with an antelope and a small dog at his feet.  The small dog is really a charming part of this piece!  The rim has fineline patterns painted with clay.  The piece is signed on the back in the clay.

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