Tahbo, Mark – 14″ Wide Large “Dancing Eagles” Jar (2001), Ribbons

14"w x 6.5"h

$ 7,700.00

Spectacular!  Mark Tahbo was known not just for his painted pottery, but especially for the blushes on his pottery from the firing.  This large jar is from 2001.  It is coil-built and painted with bee-weed and clay slips.  This jar has a wide shoulder and sloping sides.  It is fully polished and painted with red, mauve, and burgundy clay slips.  The jar is entitled, “Dancing Eagles”.  There are two large eagles on the top of eh jar.  Each is different in coloration.  Separating them are large Sikyakti birds and an eagle tail.  There are two smaller hummingbirds with red-colored heads.  Note the flowers painted with the mauve clay slip.  The mauve-colored clay is one that Mark found near Hopi and used on his pottery beginning around 2000.  On his pieces, it is only matte and not polished.  The jar was traditionally fired to create intense blushes on the surface.  Mark was masterful at his firing and wanted the most intense blushes possible and would often fire his pieces a second time if they didn’t get strong enough blushes.  The jar is signed on the bottom “Mark Tahbo”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  There are two ribbons that accompany this piece.  One is a Blue Ribbon from the 2001 Santa Fe Indian Market and also the “Best of Traditional Hopi Pottery” Award from 2001.  Simply a spectacular large jar with great provenance!