Tahbo, Mark – Plainware Jar with Swirl Polish (1999)

7.5"w x 6"h

$ 1,900.00

Mark Tahbo was known not just for his painted pottery, but especially for the blushes on his pottery from the firing.  This jar is from 1999.  It is one of his larger plainware pieces and it is fully polished on the outside in a swirl manner.  The swirl polishing was important, as it would show up in the firing and the blushes. The jar is also polished inside as far as Mark could reach inside the jar.  It was then fired outdoors to create the blushes and coloration.  Mark was masterful at firing and always wanted to achieve dramatic blushes on the surface of his pottery.  When they turned out with variations like on this jar, from white to deep orange, he was the most pleased.   Mark told me about his plainware pottery:

“My first plainware pieces were done years ago. I was sure that these would be well received and gallery owner Charles King took a chance with them. They were an immediate hit!  I don’t do very much plainware for it has to be flawless.  The surface has to be free of all dips or air holes and the shape has to be elegant on its own, as there is no design to distract the eye.  The colors achieved on the pots are truly amazing.  Each piece is fired outdoors using sheep dung and coals.  I love it!”

The jar is signed on the bottom “Mark Tahbo” and a pipe for Tobacco Clan.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  Definitely a classic of his pottery!