Vargas, Andrea – “White Sands” (Oil on Board) 20″ x 10″

20" x 10" unframed 22.5" x 13" framed

$ 2,400.00

Andrea Vargas merges aspects of abstract impressionism with a contemporary purpose.  This painting is entitled, “White Sands”.  It is oil on board. The painting is subtle in coloration and beautifully textural.  It is elegantly framed.  She says of her Plein air paintings, “Plein air painting challenges the will and determination of the artist.  It tests patience and demands humility.  Like the strategy one must employ for a game of chess, Plein air yields the satisfaction of minute movements yielding the glory of a final masterpiece.

Andrea thoughtfully says of her work:

“Life is precious, fleeting and bound to an exquisite network of life.  Plein air painting encourages the artist to be mindful of her surrounding and because it is a discipline of painting within the outdoors and with the elements of nature.  The most abrasive being the sun, the wind and the rain. Ultimately, taking time to create in nature has facilitated my strongest insights as a designer, along with patience and intuitive mark making.

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