Vigil, Felix – “Quiet Places” Mixed Media on Board

16"w x 28"

$ 2,400.00

Felix Vigil is Jemez Pueblo and Jicarilla Apache. His paintings are typically mixed media on board.  He applies layers of paper for texture then paints with acrylic.  The result is a fluid surface which has texture the appearance of somewhere between watercolor and acrylic.  This painting is entitled, “Ceremonies for the Evergreen”. It has a stylized figure in the center with evergreens on the side.  The surface is textured and just hints of gold leaf in the outer areas.  The sides of the painting are painted so it doesn’t require a frame.  It is signed in the corner.  Felix says of this painting:

The mountains that surround our realm are given homage in Ceremony for the Evergreens. Branches from the evergreens represent the mountains: where the kachina beings reside.  Mother Earth is the central figure.”

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