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Vigil, Phillip – “Blue River” Original Acrylic on Canvas

Vigil, Phillip – “Blue River” Original Acrylic on Canvas

45"w x 55"
$ 3,500.00
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Phillip Vigil is one of the exciting, young native painters working today.  His modernist designs are a play on his life, culture and personal experiences.  Phillip has primarily been working on paper, but the transition to canvas has been an exciting change in his art. In a 2011 “Rethinking Contemporary Native American Art” article in “THE” magazine, they included Vigil saying,  “Phillip Vigil seeks his identity as a contemporary creative type who is also an indigenous person.  He is self-taught, inspired to paint by his love of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes”.

This painting, “Blue River”, is a large-scale piece painted on canvas.  Phillip said of this piece:

“I think of this painting as a metaphor for life.  Just as no river ever really flows in a straight line, neither do our lives.  The big blue streak of color is representational of the, ‘curving river’ and the way things always unexpectedly ‘pop-up’ in life to challenge us and change our direction.

The other elements of the painting, the splashes, marks, lines and drips, each of these speaks to the unexpected.  They are metaphors for our lives which rarely follow an imposed path no matter how hard we try to control events, people or the world around us.  Each day is like the paint, it will drip and splash around us and choose its own path.”

We are pleased to represent his paintings in our Scottsdale gallery and look for more from this amazing artist!

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Vigil, Phillip (b.1981)

Phillip VigilPhillip Vigil

Phillip Vigil

Phillip Vigil, a fourth generation Jicarilla Apache - Jemez Pueblo artist, had never intended on creating art, he had other plans, but art was right under his nose the entire time. His love of art began as a young boy when he realized his grandfather created the paintings on the walls. Phillip currently creates paintings, collages, drawings, prints, photography and painting hand-made slippers made in Turkey in collaboration with The Sabah Dealer and Sabah Shoes. Phillip his works are collected worldwide. Phillip works in various art media on each of his visual art creations, giving each work tremendous personality and depth. Phillip Vigil started creating art in 2006 and has shown works in various art shows and galleries since 2009.  He currently shows at Galleries in Pittsburgh, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and we are honored to present a collection of his larger paintings at our  Scottsdale, Arizona location on Marshall Way.
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