Whitegeese, Daryl – Large Double Avanyu Wide Shoulder Jar

14"w x 7"h

$ 5,200.00

This is a spectacular wide shoulder jar by Daryl Whitegeese.  He is known for his use of traditional Santa Clara shapes and designs.  This wide shape is one that his mother, LuAnn Tafoya has made famous.  Daryl coil builds the bowl and then carves the design into the clay.  It is fully stone-polished and traditionally fired.  The design here is a water serpent (avanyu) which encircles the bowl.  Note how the design changes as the bowl is turned.  OH!  And it is an even coloration and polish, my photos are difficult on the angle of this bowl!  What is interesting is that when it is turned over, he etched another avanyu into the bottom of the piece!  It is a wonderful surprise. The bowl would look great sitting on a mirror to reflect the avanyu underneath.  The shape and polish work perfectly to reflect the light. Daryl has won numerous awards for his pottery including “Best of Pottery” at the 2015 Heard Indian Market.’  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay.