Youngblood, Christopher- 32 Straight Rib Bowl, Ribbons

4"w x 3.25"h

$ 3,400.00

This is a deeply carved straight rib melon bowl by Christopher Youngblood.  Chris said that while he usually carved pieces with 16 ribs, this is one of the first he has carved with 32 ribs.  There are 32 symmetric ribs.  Each is deeply carved into the clay and each is stone polished to a high shine.  Looking down from the top, the delicate symmetry of the 32 ribs can be seen!  The bowl was traditionally fired to a glassy black coloration.  It is signed, “Chris Youngblood”.  Always exciting to see something new from this award-winning potter!  The bowl has a blue ribbon and “Best of Non-Decorated Traditional Pottery” from the 2023 Gallup Ceremonials.