Clay Mirror – From Monos to Storytellers: Reflections from Cochiti Pueblo

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CLAY MIRROR From Monos to Storytellers, Reflections from Cochiti Pueblo, The Tom & Charlotte Mittler Collection

First edition, hardback, shrinkwrapped

“This is definitely a great book for information on Cochiti pottery, both historic and modern.  The best part of the book is the artists’ biographies.  The information is accurate and insightful with great photography.  The earlier sections on historic Monos figures (essays written by Robert Gallegos and Virgil Ortiz) is a thoguhtful look at this art form and it’s continued impact on Cochiti pottery.  Definitely a must for anyone interested in Cochiti pottery, past, present or future!”  Charles S. King


Collector’s Reflections by Charlotte Mittler

Origins: Clay, Storytellers, and Friendships by Bob Kapoun

Making Monos: An Evolving Tradition by Virgil Ortiz

Monos & Roly-Polies; Marvelous Monos: Ancient Idols, Carnival Dolls, or Caricatures? by Robert V. Gallegos

Animals: From Coyotes to Mermaids: Animals Familiar & Exotic in Cochiti Pottery by Marianne Kapoun

Storytellers & More; Telling Tales: How the Storyteller Figurine Found its Voice by Alexander E. Anthony, Jr.

Artists Biographies


  • Subject: Native American Pottery
  • Date Published: 2020
  • Size: 200 pages
  • Price: $40