Winder, Kwani Povi – “A Noble Heritage” Oil on Linen on Board (15″ x 20″)

15" x 25.5" unframed 22" x 33" framed

$ 5,500.00

Kwani Povi Winder is an exceptional painter from Santa Clara Pueblo.  Each oil painting is characterized by vibrant colors, deep emotions, and loose brushstrokes.  Kwani seeks to explore her Santa Clara Pueblo Tewa heritage through painting and draws on her religious beliefs when developing and painting a native figure. Through her paintings, she seeks to preserve, share and educate about her unique heritage.  The piece is entitled, “A Noble Heritage”.  The painting is of Bree Blackhorse (Seminole) wearing a dress and dentalium cape made by her mother Catherine Blackhorse (Seminole).  The painting strokes are delicate and the coloration is beautiful.  The painting is beautifully framed.  The frame is burl wood which is fit together and seems to match the brushstrokes of the painting!