American Indian Art Magazine Vol. 31, #1 (2005)

$ 15.00

American Indian Art Magazine was one of the premier Native Art Magazines for over 40 years.  Many of the issues have become classics for their insightful articles on everything from pottery to beadwork.  The magazine closed a few years ago and I bought out the remaining issues that were focused on the pottery so each one we are listing is now fully sold out!   All issues are in perfect condition.

This is Vol. 31, #1 and it is a special issue for me!  It was the first article I wrote for the magazine.  It was their 30th Anniversary issue and I worked with Virgil Ortiz to create tiles for the cover.  My article was entitled “From Folk Art to Fine Art” and I think it has held up well over time with some of the thinking which evolved 10 years later into “Spoken Through Clay”. In the article, there are brief vignettes I wrote on Susan Folwell, Diego Romero, Christine McHorse, Roxanne Swentzell, Virgil Ortiz, Russell Sanchez, Dorothy Torivio, Steve Lucas, LuAnn Tafoya, Grace Medicine Flower, Nathan Youngblood, Nancy Youngblood, Joseph Lonewolf, Dextra Quotskuyva, and Tammy Garcia.

There are two other great articles in this magazine.  One is about the Maria Martinez/Popovi Da/Tony Da collection at the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, NM.  The other is about Arroh-A-Och from Zuni.  Both articles still seem relevant and important 15 years later!

The magazine can be signed on my article if you wish.  Just let me know!  They are new and in excellent condition.  Shipping is included.